The Avon Magic Bus Tour!! Looking for a team of recruiters!

Bring your own kits!

I will need to know all who would like to join my team to help on this. I will be taking time off work to take advantage of this and if you are serious I suggest you make the commitment as well!! The bus has traveled to many towns across country. It has been said that there could be as much as 30 recruits in a day! Lets advance some titles!! ere is what was sent out.

Contact me if you can adjust your schedule to make the commitment. It doesn’t matter what district you are in. All districts are involved. Come to the meeting on Monday at 6 p.m. to show you want to participate! Here is what the flyer talked about…

We are currently looking for 4 teams of 12-15 Avon Representatives to build your business and be part of something special.  The Avon Magic Bus Tour is coming to a town near you and we need your help!

The Avon Magic Bus will be supporting us with samples and working materials to recruit on average 15 NEW Representatives daily.   Each round will consist of 3 consecutive days from 11am-6pm.

Launch Party will be Monday, 12/17 @  6pm at the Fresno Training Center

Contact your District Manager to be apart of this amazing opportunity!!





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January 2015
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